Sunday, July 27, 2008

Welcome to the Box of Textures

First post.

I've sort of avoided the whole blogging thing. Not for reading as I’m subscribed to plenty of them, but I just wasn’t sure I wanted to “add to the noise.” However, I recently set up a MySpace Music page where I could post songs, performance dates and other music-related items. They also have a blog feature, so I thought I’d put up some posts just as more or less liner notes to the songs. Turns out I actually enjoyed writing those posts. I like to write but don’t really have much of an outlet for it (yeah, yeah, yeah, my novel someday, just like everybody else), so the MySpace blog was way more fun than I ever though it would be.

I’ll be posting liner-note types of things, as well as any occasional thoughts on music (what I was originally thinking of calling this) I might have. I have some hardware devices on the way, so I’ll definitely post on those as well (Chimera BC16 “modular” synth and SM16 Sequencer, Mattson Mini Modular, and a John Bowen Solaris). I don’t know when the MMM or the Solaris are due to arrive, but the Chimera gear should be here any day now. I also have a couple of kits to build, one a “Minimoog” and one from Bleep Labs. I’ll document those as well.

Thanks for reading, comments welcome.