Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mobius Music

Mobius music. Such a simple idea, yet absolute genius.

It’s been a long time since I posted something, missed a whole month in fact. I’ve been somewhat busy, doing the occasional music thing but mostly with life in general. I have a bunch of posts lined up, just waiting to be written. However, there was just something that to me was completely mind-blowing about this mobius strip music box that compelled me to write about it.

It’s a simple music box, it’s a piano roll, it’s a little twisted. The notes sequence through the tines in all different directions; backwards, forwards, upside down and around and around.

Some of you may be scratching your head and saying, “eh, whateva, it’s a music box.” I have no problem with that. For me, however, it’s simply a thing of beauty.

It’s Escher’s music box.

Hmmm. Anyone have a spare player piano they don’t need? I suddenly have an idea…


And a tip o’ the hat to Cikira on the synthsights mailing list for posting the link, thereby allowing me to be amazed this evening. Thanks!

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